Possibly the Best Mail App for iPhone Ever

My personal inbox was horrendous! Managing my email via Yahoo and Gmail is a skill I have yet to obtain fully. When you combine my mediocre skills with Yahoo and Gmail with  email addresses I have been using for years (lots of spam) it is a recipe for weeping and gnashing of teeth! I have tried several email clients and services that have promised to tame my inbox, but all were lacking the feature set or the user experience to make good on their promises.

Why I Love this App!

Enter Spark from Readdle! I love this app. It is by far the best mail app for my iPhone that I have used to date; I have tried several!

Spark approaches email using smart views. The application unifies your various mail services and presents your email grouped into categories such as new, newsletters and pins so you can focus on the type of email that matters to you at that moment. This categorization of email in Spark allows your notifications to be narrowed down to more meaningful content instead of the barrage or newsletters, promotions, etc… that may plague your inbox. Spark also offers the ability to view email in the native format offered by Apple mail if you are not a fan of the Smart Views.

Spark also offers all of the latest swiping actions to archive, delete, pin or snooze email that is now common in iOS mail apps with the ability to customize each of the actions to your personal preferences.

Two features of the app not readily mentioned in the promotional material that I LOVE is the capability to delete in mass and to move content between email clients. The ability to ‘Select All’ and to delete is not uncommon, but when you pair the ability to ‘Select All’ and to delete with a smart view full of newsletters and notifications you can make some headway into taming your inbox very quickly with minimal fear of removing content you want to keep. Additionally, the app allows you to move mail from one client to another without having to forward your email between accounts. Spark takes this ability even one step further by allow you to move email from one account to specific folders on another account. These two features put this app over the top for my personal email use!

The application has several other innovations by way of usability features such as Quick Replies, natural language support and the ability to swipe to change signatures that are worth exploring. The app also supports the Apple watch and iPAD. I do not own an Apple watch, but the promotional material is very appealing.


Spark is my new favorite email app! The application currently has 8500 reviews and is still a 4.5 star rated application! If this were Yelp, I would be eating here! I started using Sparks with about 6,000 unread emails in my personal inbox. My inbox email count is not less than 200! The best competitor to Spark is Outlook on iOS. If Spark does not do it for you then definitely check out the Outlook app on the iPhone.

  • Pros:  Smart Views, Customization Options, Great Design, Free
  • Cons: Compared to comparatively to Outlook, Apple Mail, etc… I have not found them yet

Getting Started with Spark

  • Click here for a great video from 9 to 5 Mac to help you get started with Spark.

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