Amazing Applications & Resources from Very Unlikely Source

The intent of this post is to spread the word about these fantastic online resources that are 100% free and just a few clicks away from positively impacting your personal growth and the growth of your church. Applications for 360 reviews, leadership development, performance management and analytics just to name a few!

My wife and I have been attending Life.Church for a few years now. Almost every weekend pastor Craig Groeschel or someone on his staff refers to one of the churches tenants about generosity.

We will lead the way with irrational generosity. We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.

This reminder is generally followed up by how the Bible app (developed and supported by Life.Church) is 100% free and has been downloaded more than 100 million times (as of 2013). On occasion, they will also highlight that they provide a complete Sunday school curriculum from pre-k to high school completely free online.  On Sunday’s (and understandably so) they only ever briefly highlight these items.

A few weeks ago I started digging into to the children’s curriculum to find materials for my boys and me to study together on a daily basis. This initial inquiry started me down a road that has brought a much better perspective and a greater appreciation for the level of “irrational generosity” Life.Church provides by way of free resources. I know that many in my personal network are not only leaders at work but also leaders in their local church, so I will try to list these items in their appropriate categories. The intent of this post is to spread the word about these fantastic resources that are 100% free and just a few clicks away from positively impacting your personal growth and the growth of your church.

…fantastic resources that are 100% free and just a few clicks away from positively impacting your personal growth or the growth of your church.

Free Personal Growth Resources

  1. PACE – PACE stands for Perspective, Alignment, Capacity, and Engagement. Successful corporations use expensive, 360° feedback tools to keep top executives thriving. PACE extends the power of these tools to you for free. By surveying you and the people who know you best, PACE delivers a report to help you find your stride on your path toward growth at home and in your workplace.
  2. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast – Leadership at work or home. If you have any desire to be a servant leader Pastor Craig has some great insights grounded in real life experiences and biblical truths.
  3. The Bible App – This application is complete with several versions of the Bible, in 100s (i believe) languages complete with reading plans, full audio readings and the ability to connect with friends, capture notes, and highlight passages. The Bible app also exists online at YouVersion
  4. Tools for Growth – I just listed a few targeted at personal growth. Click the link to find many other resources such as books, Bible studies and etc…
Free Resources for Church Leadership
We believe local churches like yours are the hope of the world, and we’re honored to equip you with resources, training, community, and apps through the Life.Church Open Network. For free. – Life.Church
  1. Develop.Me – Is a web-based performance management system geared around collaboration, accountability, and personal growth.  Develop.Me, an app within the Life.Church Open Network, helps you create a culture of development in your church staff. Transform your performance review cycle into year-round growth and collaboration to help your team reach its goals.
  2. Church Metrics – Is an analytic platform designed to help churches track key performance indicators. Church metrics is a complete solution from data capture to robust reporting.Church Metrics is the leading free tool for tracking church data so you can make better, more informed ministry decisions. Church Metrics also offers an iOS, Android and Kindle apps for real-time data capture and reporting.
  3. Church Online Platform – Is a web-based platform that brings your church to the world via the internet. Enabled with live chat, live prayer, and Bible app integration this platform offers everything a church needs to extends its message beyond the church doors. The Church Online Platform removes the barrier of technology so your church can reach people around the world for Christ through online ministry.
  4. An Incredible Amount of Ministry Resources – Life.Church offers up every piece of the curriculum and supporting materials they use at Life.Church to any church on the planet to use freely. Worship music, slideshows, all promo materials (invite cards, banner graphics, artwork, bulletins) and message outlines and videos.
If you are in a church leadership position, you owe it to your congregation to (at a minimum) be aware of these tools. If you are unsure if your church leadership is aware of these materials you owe it to your church to make sure your church leadership is aware of the breadth, depth, and quality of these resources available for free at Life.Church.
Free Now, Free Always….Our definition of “free” extends to support and updates, too. You’ll get personalized customer service, software upgrades, and new features for the life of the tool. – Life.Church
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