A 2015 Find: Strength Standards

This post is not a full review of the Strength Standards but my way of passing on one of my favorite finds in 2015 that I believe is worth sharing.

Strength Standards is a website application that calculates your one repetition (rep) max for a host of lifts, compares your performance to the Weightlifting Performance Standards Tables and generates a multitude of popular training plans based on your metrics.

Strength Standards automates all of the complicated spreadsheets that many lifters maintain based on popular strength training programs such as 5/3/1, Starting Strength and Sheiko to name a few.

The site is easy to use and is a great utility for its target audience. Wish I would have thought of it first!

I recommend that you take the time to visit Strength Standards if you lift weights for any reason;  CrossFit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting or, etc…

Strength Standards is a free site. If you find any utility from the site, please consider donating to the creator. They put together an excellent site for their target audience.


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