A 2015 Find: Grammarly

This post is not a full review of Grammarly, but my way of passing on one of my favorite finds in 2015 that I believe is worth sharing.

Grammarly is fantastic! It is that simple. If you want a spellchecker or grammar checker on steroids, I highly recommend it. I may be doing this product a disservice by using any words that make you think about anything related to Microsofts attempts at a spelling or grammar checker.

My two favorite features of Grammarly.

1. The ability to switch the grammar checker between business, academic, technical, creative, or casual writing.

2.Grammarly has extensions for browsers and integrates with MS Office. Specifically, it works wonders with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.

Grammarly is not perfect. The MS Office add-ons and browser extensions can lag behind your writing changes at times. Additionally, the undo feature within MS Office is disabled while Grammarly is enabled. Grammarly provides an undo functionality, but it is not quite the safety net built into MS Office.



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