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“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

– Harry S. Truman

Short Version

1. Audiobooks are efficient and effective. Audiobooks allow you to leverage time that would otherwise be less than productive.

2. Consuming multiple audiobooks at a time provides an opportunity for you to pick and choose titles that cater to your mood.

3. Some audiobook titles may benefit from or warrant a physical or ebook copy. Having a copy of the book helps to capture quotes and enables you to revisit sections of the book at a later date.

4. I use a subscription site called for my audiobooks. The convenience of the iPhone app and the book selection is invaluable.

5. Your local or state library system may offer free audiobook as an alternative to subscription sites. Oklahoma offers the OK Virtual Library.

6. Audiobooks may be an excellent solution for many. For many others, the format just does not work for their learning styles. Additionally, most people can out read the pace of an audiobook. Audiobooks read at about the rate of 150 to 160 words per minute. The most average of readers can read at about 250 to 300 words per minute.

Full Version

Like most people I understand the importance of books. And like most people I wanted to make the time to read, but there just never seemed to be enough hours in the day.

I started using in 2013 after I started reading a handful of books that I have to this day still not finished.

My first book from was Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This 41 hours and 32 minutes marathon of a book taught me a lot about how and when to consume audiobooks. The internet has a plethora of insight to offer on this topic of how and when to consume audiobooks so I will not belabour the topic. My top three times to listen to audiobooks are while commuting, doing chores and when I need thirty minutes to think about anything else but work.

I do have a few things to offer up concerning results, strategy and options.

My results for 2015 are as follows. In 2015 thus far, I have finished 14 books. That is one hundred and twenty-three hours of book “reading” that I would not have done otherwise. Ninety-five percent of that time was while in the car commuting and on road trips. My daily commute to work is only a 14-minute round trip. My family and I have an hour and a half round trip we make once a week. I can only imagine what those with much longer daily commutes accomplish each year with otherwise unproductive time.

Cruise your audiobooks like you watch TV shows. I have a paid subscription to The subscription will only allow me to carry a certain number of credits before I believe they expire. This situation forced me out of my one book at a time model. I now “read” two, three or even for books at a time. When you are listening to books that are 20, 30 or even 40 hours long sometimes you want to break it up a bit. By having a queue of books, you will always have a book that is right for your current mindset or mood. Under the one book at a time model, I found myself listening to music when I could be listening to a book, solely because I was not in the mood for the topic or subject matter covered by the book. Some books warrant a hard copy or an ebook. I have finished some books that I would like to reference. Looking up specific sections or quotes from an audiobook is futile. So I have found that finding a used version of the title or an ebook to accompany the audiobook for reference afterwards is very useful for the types of titles I “read”.

There is a host of paid options available for audiobooks. I have a membership with that I find invaluable. The convenience of the iPhone application and the vast selection of audiobooks makes my choice easy. The value of the membership is that it provides significant discounts on audiobooks.

The other option worth looking into is with your local library or your state library system. Your local library or state library system may offer a free alternative to a paid subscription site. Oklahoma offers the OK Virtual Library that offers both audiobooks and ebooks.

In my excitement over my new found appreciation for audiobooks, I have found many people that do not like audiobooks for various reasons. The primary reasons appear to be that audiobooks are not a format that allows them to absorb the material. The other reason is that audiobooks are too slow. Most readers can read almost two times faster than the reading pace of an audiobook.

My particular struggle has always been making the time to read. For me, audiobooks allow me to leverage otherwise unproductive hours in my day.


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