Grinch to Griswold: Light-O-Rama Showtime Central Stater Package Review


The Light-O-Rama Showtime Central Stater package is as advertised. The system is as awesome as it is easy to setup and to use.  My kids love the synchronized lights and music! I suspect that our neighbors may even find some Christmas joy in our lights.

The Full Story

I appreciate Christmas lights! Every man I know (realized or not) has an appreciation for Christmas lights! Christmas lights have been playing the role of wingman since 1880!

With that said I have no desire to put up Christmas lights. The idea of spending hours sorting lights, looking for the one burnt out bulb and scaling steep roofs in thirty degrees Fahrenheit is not appealing.

Last year during Christmas after a few trip to visit local lights, my son, says, “Daddy when are we going to put up Christmas lights? I wanted to say never. I wanted to explain how the lights in the neighborhood were sufficient for our enjoyment. I wanted to explain how miserable it is to put up Christmas lights. My reply “Next year son!”

So the adventure began. I made a commitment, but daddy needed this experience to be fun! So I started looking for ways to synchronize Christmas lights to music.

The initial search was overwhelming. Within 30 minutes of searching, it was obvious that I needed to grow into this endeavor. What sealed the deal was when I read a recommendation to start planning and setting up your light in October to be ready for December! I then started looking for the “for Dummies” version of synchronized Christmas lights. I found Light-O-Rama’s Showtime Central Starter package.


The package is plug-and-play. It includes everything you need! With this package, you can get your lights up and run without out a computer, without the need to build out a song and light sequences and all of the hardware required to transmit your music over an FM frequency.

Additionally, the starter kit allows for exploration and growth. The kit allows for two more controllers and the ability the software and hardware required to sequence your music.

What I learned during this endeavor…

1. One 16 channel controller can control a lot of lights. If you have not been doing Christmas lights for years you likely only need one controller.

2. The number of extensions cords needed to setup your lights could be considerable. Personal preference will be the driver, but be prepared to spend additional monies on extension cords of various lengths.

3. The boxes that house the equipment appear to be solid and up to the task of protecting the equipment from the elements. I do, though have a gripe against the boxes. The gripe is that the mounting brackets are on the outside of the box!

4. Once your lights are up, you will want to add more! The only thing keeping me grounded is that I refuse to buy lights that are not on clearance!

5. I only have a handful of lights that I bought after Christmas last year. I truly have nothing fancy by way of lights, but the Light-O-Rama kit transforms my pathetic set of Christmas lights into something enjoyable.

6. Make sure you put up a sign that advertises the FM frequency. More importantly let people know the schedule for your lights.

7. I have started the first year of a Richardson Christmas light tradition. If I procrastinate, I will get stuck setting up these lights in the miserable cold.

Final Thoughts

I know how socially awkward it is that I have my Christmas lights up already in early November. It is a bit more amusing considering only one house in my cul-de-sac put up lights the last few years. I too am was a firm believer that Christmas comes after Thanksgiving! Once I got the Light-O-Rama kit I could not get my lights up soon enough. I am grateful that my excitement allowed me to avoid putting up my lights in miserable cold weather. More importantly my family loves our Christmas lights. I suspect that our neighbors may even find some Christmas joy in our lights.


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