Skulpt AIM Review: A Fitness Tracker


I am really impressed with my new Skulpt Aim. The results are consistent with very few variables that introduce noise into the results. I purchased this product for body fat analysis but find that the Muscle Quality measurement it provides is much more Unknown-1telling and motivating. I have document some of the things that have stood out with my experience thus far with the tools abilities.

For a typical unboxing type review you can find many of those with a simple google search.

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Full Review

I recently received a Skulpt Aim for father’s day from my wife. I did ask for it, she was not trying to send me any hidden or subliminal messages! I was very interested in this device due to the claims on the website about the devices accuracy for measuring body fat percentage (BF%) as my Fitbit Aria scale (and others like it) is absolutely prone to variability based on hydration, food consumption and the timing of when the measurements are taken (pre or post workout, pre or post meal and etc…) In one day i have been able to get results that ranged from 10% body fat to 15% body fat on my Fitbit Aria scale.

For the record to accommodate these fluctuations in the Fitbit Aria type scales you have to be consistent in measuring at the same time of day after the same amount of activity each day. Ideally, you measure first thing in the morning for all your measurements. You will see fluctuations based on hydration, but from my experience that is the easiest way to go.

I have been using and testing my Skulpt Aim now for a couple of weeks and have realized a few things.

  1. After you have practiced a few times measuring getting consistent results is amazingly easy
  2. Their is variability in the results for BF% if you measure muscles very differently each time, but if you are somewhat in the ballpark of consistency for each round of measurements the results are very consistent
  3. My BF% pre or post workout, first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed has seen delta’s that are less than 1 percentage point i.e. my body fat has ranged from 11.3% to 12.3%.
  4. Having BF% for individual muscles is not all that appealing generally speaking, but having BF% for my abdominals has been great as that is where I carry most of my BF%; not unlike most males. I assume this will vary by person, but being able to track progress or changes for specific muscles has been very appealing.

I was interested in this product to help track body fat percentage more consistently and precisely. I do find that I am more impressed with and motivated by the muscle quality (MQ) score provided by the Skulpt AIM.

When I had taken my first round of measurements with the Skulpt AIM I was absolutely stunned and immediately a believer!

When I had taken my first round of measurements with the Skulpt AIM I was absolutely stunned and immediately a believer. For months I have been avoiding deadlifts completely and avoiding any weight more than my body weight for squats (of any kind) due to an injury / pain in my right hip and glute. When you view my results its is very evident in the readings that my posterior chain / my legs have been neglected greatly in comparison to the rest of my body!  For reference 100 is considered Average MQ score; the higher the better.


What is MQ? I took these right off their website!

  1. MQ tells you when your muscles are getting leaner before your mirror does. By measuring individual muscles, you can optimize your training based on the MQ score for each muscle.
  2. A muscle with a high MQ score is like a lean piece of steak. The less intramuscular fat in your muscles, the more firm, lean, and defined they are.
  3. MQ is the force a muscle produces relative to its size.

What I have learned so far about the consistency of the MQ score is that the only thing that appears to directly impact the score is if you measure Pre or Post workout. Hydration and food consumption do not impact immediate scores

I tested a couple of fitness / body type cases that I thought would be interesting considering the claims of the technology.  I feel that each of the results show and meet exactly what I was expecting. I did not go as far as to take pictures to provide with the results. Not sure anyone would of signed up for that!

Note that the results are not in the same order in each of the result sets.

Graph for reference.


First I tested someone who I suspected to be leaner than I with what I suspected should be an MQ equal to or greater than my own score due to workout consistency and physical strength benchmarks. Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.46.07 PM

Second I tested someone who has more BF% than I do at 11ish%, but is very consistent with their workouts with physical strength characteristics similar to my own. The hypothesis was that BF% would be high but MQ would be “FIT” or above.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.45.51 PM

Third I tested someone who carries more BF% but who was very consistent with workouts and in many regards has stronger strength benchmarks than my own or test subject number 1 and 2. The additional variable for this test was that this person took 6 weeks off! I will be measuring this person once a week for six weeks to see what happens with their scores. I suspect MQ will go up considerably over the next six weeks, but BF% will see minimal changes. I will publish the results in a separate post.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.43.55 PM

I could not readily find a skinny person who does not workout which is the last scenario I would love to see the results for with the Skulpt Aim. At this point in my life and working in a corporate cubical environment I do not run into many of these unicorns! If I find said unicorn I will see if I have the guts to see if they want to participate in my research!


My Fitbit products started my obsession with the “quantified self” movement. Not only do I enjoy tracking my metrics I appreciate consistency and accuracy. The Skulpt Aim adds another dimension of Muscle Quality to measure with superior body fat percentage accuracy. I really like my new gadget/health tracker!


4 thoughts on “Skulpt AIM Review: A Fitness Tracker

  1. Hey. I have been using the SKulpt AIM for 6 months now. I’m a PT/bodybuilder/gym addict, so I’ve put it to good use!

    I like it. Its great for tracking my own and my clients progress without booking for a dexa scan. Plus not everyone likes having their body pinched with calipers. I compared it to a dexa and its pretty accurate. The muscle quality feature is also pretty cool.

    I actually have a in depth review on the AIM at my site so that might help answer any questions. Otherwise feel free to pick my brain.

    The review can be found here –


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