Crossfit Double Unders: CrossRope Review

Final Summary

The CrossRope is an excellent product. The Double Under Domination Program included with the Crossrope Double Under Domination Set is very well thought out and worth the investment; time and money!

I recommend getting a complete set if you can. The bare minimum for working double unders is the Crossrope Swift set. Middle of the road is the Crossrope Double Under Domination Set. My only issue with the Crossrope Double Under Domination set is that it does not include the Speed cable. If you already have a nice speed rope your in good shape, but I find that the Crossrope speed rope to be my rope of choice for most WODs.

If you found this review helpful, please purchase from Amazon.

Tiple Unders with Crossrope…It started with mastering the double under!

Here is the Short Story

I wish I had better stats to provide a measure of success that I achieved with the CrossRope and the Double Under Domination 8 Week Program, but I did not do such a good job of capturing these statistics. What I can say with confidence that I have proven to myself since the completion of the program is the following…

1. The weight of the handles is now unnoticeable to me for anything under 100 reps and is my rope of choice for WODs; Speed cable.

2. I have every expectation to get closer to 60 DUs than 50 DUs in 30 secs; consistently.

3. I have every expectation that every time I pick up any reasonable jump rope that I can successfully do 50 DUs without issue.

4. The Flight Simulator WOD is now a test of endurance and not a glaring reminder of DU inconsistency.

5. I am on my way to triple-unders (TU)!

The CrossRopes….

1. The CrossRopes are intimidating due to their size and weight, but with work, this becomes a nonissue. When you break these ropes out they do draw attention and people are very curious about them. I have started conducting experiments where I ask people to do single-unders with the Explode rope, and then I ask them to follow that up with DUs with their rope. With only one exception everyone has been amazed at how much easier they feel DUs are immediately after using the heavier rope. The one exception was truly an outlier in this experiment!

2. The ropes have held up very well, but with heavy use (even on the prescribed surfaces) the plastic coatings will start to come off. The rope is still very usable when this starts to happen. My Speed rope has about a 3-inch section of the plastic completely removed where the ropes makes contact with the ground. This is a non issue and is purely cosmetic.

3. The handles do need to be maintained. I have had one of my CrossRope sets for sometime now and they have been used ALOT! I have  not noticed at times a bit of grinding in the handles that keeps the rope from being smooth when jumping. This is easily fixed with the supplied lubricant for the ropes.

4. If you are so inclined just buy the whole set to begin with and save some money. I initially only bought three of the ropes, but always wanted the heavier ropes. Buying the ropes individually is okay, but I think it cost more in the long run if you have any thoughts of getting other cables. I now have duplicate ropes and handles that I don’t use! As noted earlier even though I have ropes with the plastic coming off it is a non issue and definitely doesn’t warrant putting it aside to use a newer rope just because I have one.

5. I now use my CrossRope before every workout/WOD. I find that it gets my heart rate going and the blood moving very well. I found that during this very cold winter it has been a lifesaver to getting me ready for my WODs.

6. I believe the more skilled jumpers can do TUs with these ropes. I can do 1 out of 10 or so with the speed rope, but can do 4 out of 10 (sometimes) with the cheaper non special speed ropes at our box. I did inquire about this with Dave Hunt and he gave me a great very educated answer about my findings when i compared my ability to do TUs with the different ropes. I don’t feel comfortable putting words in his mouth or posting his email to me, but I think it is safe to say that TUs might be harder with the CrossRope than with a  traditional speed rope. This is not to say that those who can do TUs wouldn’t benefit from training TUs with a heavier rope.

The Long Story…

This is more of me documenting my journey. If you have made it this far I assume your interest is peaked so keep reading for the details…

Frustration. Frustration is the exact emotion that sent me looking for tools and/or products that could help me improve my ability to do double-unders  (DU). I have been able to do DUs since grade school, but I never attempted to string them together in the 20 to 50 rep schemes often seen in Crossfit. Nor did i ever imagine that I would be trying to string them all together with someone timing me! So when I entered into my first Crossfit box about 2 years ago and was asked establish my DUs max reps in 10 mins I never thought it would be the first step on my voyage from frustration to personal accomplishment.

When I first started stringing DUs together in succession I did pretty well (this is relative I know)! I started out with 10 to 20 and then found myself able to accomplish 50 to 80 DUs as my max effort fairly quickly, but just as quickly some things started to become fairly obvious.

First, each day was a toss up on how well i could perform DUs. I am not sure why this was the case, but it was pretty simple observation. On one day I could do DUs without issue and then the next day I would struggle to string 2 of them together.

Then the mind games started to set in and I won’t even get into this, but add in the first thing with a very imaginative person and you have all sorts of reasons why one day you can do DU and the other you can’t!

Next  I started finding very quickly that I could only do DUs with one rope. Not one type of rope, but specifically only one rope in the whole box! If someone else was using said rope I would struggle mightily with DUs for the prescribed WOD. The worse day was when i found my “special” rope’s handle had been smashed to pieces!

I immediately began to look for alternatives! I tried all of the personal ropes other Crossfitters at my box and I found that no matter how expensive and/or nice the rope I straight up struggled. So I headed to Google and eventually stumbled upon the CrossRope. I am pretty sure the video of somebody doing 500 unbroken double-unders was the selling point. I can not find the 500, but this was sometime ago so here is a link to the now 639 max DUs.

So I bought into the CrossRope. I initially bought Swift set with an additional Sprint rope. As an aside I had no clue what size I should get but David Hunt whom I presume to be the founder and owner emailed me promptly with some suggestions that were spot on.

When i first got the set I struggled just as I did previously. I found myself only practicing with my new ropes and using the “normal” box ropes for WODs. I did enjoy passing around the heavier Explode cable for folks to try jumping with! It was like Crossfit party favor! But quickly I found that I had a new tool, but very little additional knowledge and/or program to help me improve.

I am not sure how I got hooked up with this program, but i think as part of one of CrossRopes newsletters you could sign up for the 30 Day Jump Rope Double Under Mastery Challenge. I did every day of this program on my schedule and used the Speed cable for this program. As I put in the work I found that I was getting better and was to a point where I was “OKAY” with my current abilities, but in the back of mind I struggled with 1) the rope is still too heavy for me if i have to do more than 20 to 30 DUs for WODs and 2) Triple Unders (TU) are on their way to becoming the new DU and I so very far away from accomplishing a TU!

So i hit Google again and found from either Dave Hunt of CrossRope and/or Srdjan Popovic of Bloom To Fit (i believe it was one of these guys) that you should be able to consistently do at least 50 DUs in 30 seconds before starting TUs. So i gave it shot…I maybe did it once or even twice! The lessoned learned was when I focused on speed and had a bit of pressure I got clumsy and returned to frustrated! So I started working on some of the tips I found for TUs, but I realized I still hadn’t mastered DUs and felt that any time spent working TUs maybe a pure waste of time.

At this point in time I noticed that CrossRope had just released the Double Under Domination 8 Week program and I also wanted the Titan rope to add to my collection. I did some math and ended buying the whole CrossRope set which included the DU program. I got my new ropes and the program an went to work.

I spent almost 4 weeks 3 times a week doing workouts with my new CrossRope set. I was so determined and excited that I spent almost 4 weeks 3 times a week NOT WORKING THE RIGHT PROGRAM. The full CrossRope set came with an insert for full workouts and I started immediately working the Advanced workout set. The program has you start off for a few weeks just working single-unders with the various ropes and progresses in the latter weeks to working sets of DUs. In retrospect this program laid a great foundation of strength and endurance that I was able to bring into the actual Double Under Program! It was time well spent, but I admit i was a little disappointed at my findings!

Once I realized my mistake and had basically already finished the advanced progression of the workout program I found it very hard to not skip the initial phases of the DU program. The work I put into those first 4 weeks made the initial few weeks of the DU program very easy! Please note that I give full credit to previous progression of work for the ease in which I was able to accomplish the first few weeks or so of the DU program.

The program did finally get to a point where I was legitimately putting in work. I did these progressions before the WOD of the day and was more than warmed up and ready to go to do my WOD by the time I was done with the jump rope portion of my training day!


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