Discover Your Beast Mode: Squat Every Day

I have consistently dragged my lazy self out of bed at 330 AM for almost 60 days now for the sole purpose of improving my strength numbers by doing what some would call the king of all lifts the squat. In the process I found my beast mode!

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Possibly the Best Mail App for iPhone Ever

Spark is my new favorite email app! My personal inbox is was horrendous! Managing my email via Yahoo and Gmail is a skill I have yet to obtain fully. Combined the fact that I find the web browser versions of these clients clunky with the email address I have been using for years (lots of spam) it is a recipe for weeping and gnashing of teeth! The application currently has 8500 reviews and is still a 4.5 star rated application! If this was yelp I would be eating here!

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HONEY saving me MONEY!

If you have ever shopped online more than once, you have likely sought out online promo codes to save some money. I have had very little success with applying promo codes to my purchases and have become somewhat lazy in my attempt to find an active, valid promo code! Then I found Honey!

What is Honey? Honey is a service that makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time. Honey automatically finds coupon codes for the site you’re shopping at and applies them to your order when you checkout, saving you money and promo code searching time.

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Best of 2015: Crossrope

The most popular blog post on I Tried It Reviews for 2015 is my entry reviewing the CrossRope jump rope system. Apparently there a lot of Crossfitters out there are looking for the perfect double under or even triple under jump rope! For the record, the Crossrope is for anyone looking to build up stamina […]

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